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Zhejiang Hongming Plumbing Technology Co, Ltd is a professional

bathroom plumbing fixtures manufacturers and kitchen plumbing fixtures suppliers in China

. We mainly produce faucets, brass cartridges, angle valve and other plumbing fixtures. Our factory located in the large production base of sanitary ware---Taizhou, with a working area of 9000 square meters.
Since establishment, our factory always takes the management concept “Quality is the foundation, Good service is the key” in heart. With this, we have won good reputation in this field.
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    One-Stop Factory

    Good service and products of brass cartridges, angle valves and faucets mixers.

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    Customized Service

    We have a strong R&D team,and we develop and produce plumbing fixtures according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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    Timely Delivery

    Our factory capacity supports our order’s delivery reaches to 98%.

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    Quick & Efficient Service

    More than 96% of our products are exported with stable quality and competitive price. And has won good reputation.

Hong ming Plumbing Commitment

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Since establishment, we always keep our core valve in mind, and have won customers in more than 30 countries and areas.

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    Business Philosophy

    Customer oriented.

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    Service Mission

    To service every customer with heart and win their satisfaction

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    Cornerstone of Development

    Timely delivery the top quality goods to customer.

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    Service Mission

    win-win cooperation.

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The Things We Are Able To Do

  • A brass faucet has a retaining nut located at the base of the handle

    How to Replace a Brass Faucet CartridgeIf your faucet's cartridge won't move, it's time to replace it. A brass faucet has a retaining nut located at the base of the handle, holding the cartridge in pl...
  • What You Need to Know About Basin Taps

    The Basin Tap is a very popular type of bathroom faucet. The main benefits of this type of basin faucet are its user-friendliness and larger counter space. Its two-handle operation makes it very easy ...
  • A Basin Tap is a sink faucet that combines hot and cold water feeds

    A Brass Tap Spindle is an essential part of a kitchen mixer tap. The faucet's handle controls the flow of water. The connection pipes transport water from the water supply to the tap's chamber. A flan...
  • How to Choose and Install a Bathroom Valve

    Choosing the right bathroom valve is crucial for the operation of your shower. A properly installed shower valve will ensure that water pressure stays balanced, and will reduce the risk of overflow. T...
  • How To Choose The Right Basin Mixer Tap For Your Bathroom

    What exactly is a basin mixer? A basin mixer is a type of faucet that combines both your hot and cold water taps to run out of a single outlet, which is controlled either by a single switch or twin-fo...
  • Why Brass Tap Spindle Is Best For Taps?

    The Brass Tap Spindle is the oldest type of spindle still in use today. It can be found on old British warping lathes and wasps. The brass used in these lathes is a very soft metal and because of this...
  • Most home improvement stores carry a wide variety of shower and bathtub valves

    The Bathroom Valve You NeedIf you're looking for bathroom valves then you've come to the right place. With hundreds of different valve models to choose from, it's no wonder that many people are intimi...
  • Adding Elegance to Your Bathroom

    Shower Mixer - Adding Elegance to Your BathroomIf you're like me, you use more than one shower in your home. For this reason, it's important that your shower mixer is functional and effective. It's a ...
  • All About Angle Valve Parts

    A angle valve is a mechanical, pneumatically-powered valve with an adjustable piston actuator that provides linear directional control to lift an sealed stem off its seat. The stem is placed at a pred...
  • Fiberglass Multiaxial - Advantages of Fiberglass Over Steel

    Fiberglass is one of the strongest and most durable materials used in construction today. Fiberglass is comprised of many microscopic grains that are bonded together under high pressure and heat. When...
  • Selecting the Best Kitchen Faucet

    If you are remodeling your kitchen and looking at options for your new faucet, then you will surely find a lot to decide on. There are many types of kitchen faucet fixtures to choose from, which inclu...
  • A brass tap spindle is the base of most of brass kitchen faucets

    Brass Tap SpindleA brass tap spindle is the base of most of brass kitchen faucets. It is usually made of solid brass or a alloy with brass in its composition. The brass tap has holes that run its leng...
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